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KHOP 95.1 Modesto Radio Station Interviews Dr. Tammy Wu, Modesto Plastic Surgeon
Live on the air 12/6/07 7:30am-9:00am



Thursday morning was the day for the interview.  Dr. Tammy Wu drove up to the offices of KHOP 95.1.  The topic was discussion of Kanye West's mother passing away after plastic surgery (tummy tuck and breast reduction) with Dr. Jan Adams.  However, there wasn't much discussion of the actual situation.  There was discussion about the risks of plastic surgery and Dr. Wu commented on the specific statistics of the risks.  Many calls and many text messages were answered; however, not all text messages could be answered during the 7:30-9:00am time that Dr. Wu was in the studio.  However, listeners were directed to one of her website:  http://www.surgerytoday.com to fill in the box for questions.  Jack and Reagan led the discussion during the Morning Paper show.  Most of the topic was about breast implants - safety, augmentation techniques, and recovery.

It was impressive watching the behind the scenes and interacting with Jack and Reagan during the session.  I was there as a spectator.  I didn't get to be on the air, but that's ok - maybe next time they'll have some acupuncture/vein/general surgery scandal and need my input.

As for interesting web statistics:

http://www.surgerytoday.com web stats:

  • December 2007:  had a peak day on 12/6/07 (the day of the interview) of 4722 requests / 445 pages

  • November 2007:  for comparison the peak day had:  1748 requests / 260 pages

  • October 2007:  also for comparison:  peak day:  1172 requests / 250 pages

Submitted by Calvin Lee, MD on 12/9/07

KHOP the pop music station 95.1, Modesto, CA
KHOP the morning paper show from 5am to 9am

Ask Men website:  Kanye West
Wikipedia Kanye West
Dr. Jan Adams - his own website

MSNBC Nov 12th article on Kanye West's Mother passing away after plastic surgery

US Magazine article on Kanye West's Mother

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