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Meeting with Natrelle Breast Implant Sales Rep
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from radio announcer to breast implant sales

10.22.07 in the evening with Calvin Lee, MD



Another unexpected drop in meeting.  Bryan is someone we know from being in the Breast Augmentation field.  He has a great deep voice which I believe at one time was insured - according Bryan.  He works for Allergan now, and tells me that he loves what he does.  He has always been very approachable, and hasn't been a high pressure sales kind of person.  We have used implants from many different manufacturers including Allergan / Inamed.  We have reserved the right to choose our implants for our individual patients.  Unlike some other plastic surgery practices, we do not have an exclusive contract with any of the breast implant makers.

Bryan gave me some great info regarding their recent advertisement campaign in Marie Claire (the magazine).  He told me that it cost their company over $200,000 to get a one page ad in Marie Claire.  I have heard that their ad has generated some controversy and there are even blogs on the internet talking about it.  He's excited about their Natrelle line of breast implants.  He also hopes to help us with our internet presence.  Allergan owns lookingyourbest.com and is frequently found on top of web engine searches:  including "Modesto Breast Augmentation."  We had a brief discussion on website SEO for plastic surgeons.  Then the conversation moved on to the possibility of having him make some voice announcements on our "on hold" music, since he has that voice talent.

We set up a plan to meet again to discuss his marketing plans with Dr. Tammy Wu.  She was busy at the time and unavailable to meet with Bryan.  We did discuss with Bryan our policy with breast implants which is:  a complete pass-through.  We don't mark up the costs of the breast implants for our patients.  Thus any savings that come out of these meetings would be passed on to our breast augmentation patients.

Calvin Lee, MD

Natrelle breast implants
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Inamed has become a division of Allergan

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