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3.16.09 in the evening, written by Calvin Lee, MD (this blog - not the limo blog)

I got a email from an acquaintance in the Limousine industry.  He has been in the transportation biz since 1994.  He has experience running limousine businesses with over 14 cars all by himself, and he is a master at networking.

His name... DaShaun.  He lives here in Modesto and has owned several businesses including a limo manufacturing company and even financing.  He has even tried partnerships in the limousine business.  I have a picture of a limo parked in front of our plastic surgery office



He's out to give advice to customers and owners.  Please visit his Modesto Limousine Business and service blog:


He has articles on what to look for in a limo company from a consumer perspective, and he has articles for the limo company owner about phone etiquette.   Much much more to come as he plans to be writing every single day.

My thoughts:  in general his blog looks nice.  He uses Blogger as the blogging service which is a good blogging service.  He has Google ads on there to help general revenue for his limo blogging efforts.  Having Google ads is a plus.  Overall, I predict that this Limo blog will be a success. 


Calvin Lee, MD

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Gallo Center Founders (source of the picture)



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