July 12, 2000

When we first started this venture I guess none of us realized all the things that had to be done to get this off the ground.. We have come a long way since we first discussed doing a quilt…and I did say A quilt…now we have several instead of just the one. Diana is working very hard to get the quilts all together, and I think the big quilt and maybe one more will be completed by October..Thanks Diana. (Note...I got most of the above paragraph from one of our messages on the board at the club but forgot which one and don't want to spend a week going back to look for it.  Doris)

We will most definitely be going to Baltimore, Maryland for the Race for the Cure in that city. The race will take place on October 8, but most of us plan to get there on the 6th so we will have lots of time to get to know one another and enjoy our very first chance to meet in person. What a wonderful thing this will be…we have really worked hard to achieve this goal and now Everyone is working even harder to make it all a reality.

Some of the committee members have changed with the addition of new workers. Thanks ladies for agreeing to help. Joan (bunnynose) is working with Candy and Elaine to find us a good, inexpensive hotel, Jeanna has already made her flight reservations and is also helping to look for a hotel. Brenda, in Baltimore and on their Race Committee was contacted by Candy and today she got a reply. She too is looking at hotels in the area and will send us a list of those that she considers to be inexpensive, nice and safe. It’s wonderful to have her add the word safe because we do want to be safe and without knowing the area, we would not know if a hotel is in a good and safe area or not. Thanks Brenda. Thanks also for the warm welcome we received when we asked if we could share your race. We can’t wait to meet you.

Heidi is making name tags for us to wear while we are in Baltimore, so if you are making the trip, please let her know your first name and the name of anyone who will be traveling with you. AND …if you are not sure but hope you can make the trip, do give her the information so she can be prepared if you can go. Cindy has designed a logo for a t-shirt…if you would like to have it, send her a note and she will be glad to e-mail it to you. Even if you are not making the trip, you might want to make a shirt. The logo is really pretty.

Candy needs to know the names of everyone who is making the trip also since she is co-ordinating the room situation. Let either Candy or myself know if there is the slightest possibility you are going.

I will be giving Brenda in Baltimore the names and mailing addresses of all who will be making the trip so she can send race forms and information to you. I think I have all of those addresses but if you don’t know for sure that I have yours, please send it to me. (and I will need to know if you will have someone else with your who will doing the race with us so that a form can also be sent for them. My husband will be with me and although he doesn’t know it yet, he will be in the race. We have decided to do the walk instead of the run since some of us are not as able as others.

My hubby and I will be renting a car for our stay but Candy has suggested that perhaps we might all chip in and rent a mini-van so that everyone will have transportation. This means that we also need to know who is interested in that idea so I can see if the mini-van would be available.

Time is passing and it won’t be long until the big day, Candy is even counting the days so if you wonder how many, well ask her.

A bit of very exciting news. Our founder, Dr. Calvin Lee is looking at his schedule as is his wife, Dr. Tammy Wu to see if they will be able to attend the race with us. The trip will be great but having them there would be like icing on the cake. Doesn’t that make you all want to change your minds and go with us???

A note from Diana…"The deadline for Auction quilt #1 was July 1st but I'm moving it to July 15.

The deadline for Memory, Friends, and Auction Quilt #2 is August 15.

And then if we do a Celebrity Quilt that's when ever. Actually Auction #2 could be a whenever. But I want to get the Members, Friends and Memory quilts to the Baltimore Race Oct 8 so doing those first. If we can get the auction off the ground before then fine, if not, fine too!!"


Diana (calico) calicocanyon@uswest.net –Quilt committee…co-chair, web page and seamstress

Doris (mkayla) mkfandal@colla.com or mkayla38@yahoo.com Newsletters and Quilt committee co-chair

Candy (thebreadlady) thebreadlady@yahoo.com and Shirley wideglide@hartcom.net co-chairs of Research committee (to find out who gets our money). I have also added a new committee and she is on that one also.

Doris and Candy: Trip committee co-chairs

Elaine (button) button49@hotmail.com Lodging

Jeana jdc@viclink.com Lodging

Joan (bunnynose) bunnynose_1999@yahoo.com Lodging

Jodi (vonheidibrink) vonheidibrink@yahoo.com Name tags

Lala (lalacharly) Lalacharly@aol.com Publicity

Cindy cloudb@twcny.rr.com T-shirt logos

Selma zel77@webtv.net Cheering Committee …she tells everyone how great we are periodically and we love it. Thanks Selma.

I hope I have not left anyone out…so many people are working now that it is difficult to keep up with all of them.

Be sure to look at Diana’s new web page. She has our quilt there too.

Club site = http://members.fortunecity.com/calicocanyon/bcclub.html
My site= http://go.to/calicocanyon/
Quilts at my site = http://members.fortunecity.com/calicocanyon/bc.html

P. S. So that we can be sure that the proper person is getting a message, please send copies to each of the committee members.