JUNE 19, 2000

Late breaking news: I finally found the name of someone to contact at the Park Service and have put in a call to her. I left a message and told her to please call me back and if they are not allowed to call back long distance to please call collect. Keep fingers and toes crossed; maybe this will be what wew need. Doris (6/19/00...11:17 am Central time)

Our co-chair for our quilt project Dianna Kay has asked that we ask someone else to take over as co-chair. She is unable to continue due to family and work obligations. Dianna, we wish you well and hope you can make the trip but certainly understand that you do not have the time needed to continue. Keep us in your prayers and support us in this way and do plan to be in DC with us in October.

Diana (calico) has asked that I co-chair with her…she will do the sewing and maintain the site and I will co-ordinate the DC portion of the project. I have told her that I will happily do so unless someone else would like to have the other half of her chair. If anyone would like that spot, please let me know…my feelings would not be hurt.

Diana says, "I am in a lot of clubs that generate a lot of traffic. I am thinking of joining the site fights and including the bc quilt site in my total website." This sounds like a great idea to me; it should get us some added publicity. Do any of you have a club that you can publish our site in at the same time? Please let us know.

Diana is sewing busily in Arizona and several of our other members are busily and desperately trying to find a way for us to get a permit to show our quilt in DC. So far, we have had no really solid information returned to us from any of our contacts but we are still working as best we can to assure that we are successful. We had a Quilt Chat last Thursday night (June 6/15/2000) and the ladies who were present concurred in the decision that "we will go to DC in October…with or without a permit to show the quilt. However, we do want to show the quilt so we will persist in our crusade. Elaine and Candy are busily working on the lodging portion of our trip and Elaine has also contacted the National Park Service in an attempt to find out about the needed permit. She has had no answer yet.

Lala, has written so many e-mails and snail mail letters that we surely should get some response and get some publicity. So far, none have offered to "put the spotlight" on our project but with her persistence, someone should answer.

Ladies, it is time for us to quit hoping for answers to our e-mails and must make some calls to these places. I am willing to make a few calls myself if others are unable to do so. Ladies, let me know if you can make the calls or if you prefer that I do it.

We need to begin thinking of who will get the money from the sale of our "beautiful quilts". At present the following organizations are on the list:

Komen Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Stephanie Spielman’s Fund, and we are waiting for a further response from John Hopkins. We will send out a newsletter soon with the list and details about each and ask each of you to vote for the one of your choice.

A note from one of our members…" just wrote to Oprah again. this time i went in to www.oprah.com then I went to Be a guest and then under reg features I clicked on O-The Oprah Mag.Dream Big.

At that point you fill in all your stuff ..name, addy etc..then write a little letter. I just in brief explained that I was in the club and that many of us had a dream to go to DC to show our quilt and most importantly meet for the first time.. " She suggests that all of us write and send the same or a similar message. Ok, ladies, let’s get those fingers flying. We need to write paper letters but it would never to continue with the e-mails. Someone might just get tired of hearing from us and say, "What the heck, let’s give those ladies a shot at attaining their dream."

Another message from the same member….She wrote to the person in this note and told her all about us. This is her response to the note. Maybe we should all write to Ms. Thomas also…keep us in the front of her mind instead on on the back burner.

"From: "Thomas, Karen USAT:Life" <kthomas@usatoday.com>
To: "Candy Drew" <cdrew@nh.ultranet.com>
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 11:06 AM
Subject: RE: your story
I'm really glad you enjoyed the article. The response has been
overwhelming, with many just like yours. I keep ahold of all the groups for possible
story ideas, so I may be in touch, I heard from several from the Yahoo board."

I received a note from Selma with the address to the AIDS group who did the quilt. I wrote as did Selma asking for their input as to how to go about showing our quilt. Below is the response I got from them.

"Dear Doris,
Any event taking place on the National Mall falls under the jurisdiction of the US Park Service.
Here is their: address:National Capital Parks-Central
1100 Ohio Drive S.W.
Washington DC 20242

I would like to invite members form your organization to visit our national offices here in San Francisco. It is the location where we assemble the Quilt sections, store and archive the information, ship and receive the tons of Quilt yearly to and from displays. Sincerely, Michael Bongiorni
Director of Quilt Operations 310 Townsend Street San Francisco, CA
michael_bongiorni@aidsquilt.org Direct Line 415/882-5569 ext 325
Fax 415/882-6200

Another member wrote to the John Hopkins … "We are a breast cancer support group . Our members have been preparing a
few quilts to be brought to Washington, DC October 5 - 7 th Since
this is our first attempt we need guidance.
We will be auctioning off one quilt--and donate the money to a breast cancer research center that will use most of the funds for reserch. Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.
She received this reply,

"Tell me more about the type of help you need? Johns Hopkins Breast Center treats a very large volume of women diagnosed with breast cance each year..... more than 600 newly diagnosed here each year. We'd be happy to be the recipients and have the money go to whatever research, patient education or outreach program you prefer.
Do you need to know about breast centers in the area? tell me more about what type of assistance you need. thanks., Lillie"

The request for more information has been turned over to our Research Committee and a reply has been sent.


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Lala (lalacharly) Lalacharly@aol.com Publicity

Candy (the breadlady) thebreadlady@yahoo.com Research and DC Lodging

Shirley (pugowned) wideglide@hartcom.net Research

Elaine button49@hotmail.com DC Lodging

Jodi (heidi) vonheidibrink@yahoo.com name badges, Search committee for
everything , ie, addresses, locations, etc.

As always, if you have any information for this newsletter, please send it to me, Doris aka mkayla so that I can get it ready for the next copy. Doris