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May 2, 2000

The QUILT is growing but we still need more squares. Ladies, we need to have a very large quilt if we are going to impress anyone with our efforts! If you have been thinking of making squares, don’t just sit there and think…get out and make squares. Remember you can do them by:

sewing, transfer from computer on that lovely transfer paper that allows us to find a nice picture and just iron it on, iron on applique using a piece of fabric that has something you like and just ironing it on using "stitch witchery" or "wonder under". You can also iron on an applique of anything you can make yourself. Remember your days in school when you cut shapes and glued them on paper…making a quilt square can be just that simple. Sewing is not necessary. Someone asked if glue guns are acceptable…yes they are. In fact, I think that any way you can make a square will be great. But do remember that the "names quilt" squares must be in Diana’s hands by May 31. You have almost one more month to finish your squares and get them to her. But do remember that with snail mail, you will need to mail before the last day. You might want to let her know the day you mail your squares so she can be on the lookout for them and will be able to notify you if they don’t arrive within a week’s time. When you are ready to mail your squares to her, send her an e-mail and she will send her address.

As you have been able to see by the beautiful squares posted at our quilt site, we not only have a names quilt but also a memory quilt, an auction quilt and quite soon, possibly a celebrities quilt!

NAMES QUILT: This will be the quilt we will be taking to Washington DC. It needs to be very big so it is noticeable, not just a passing thing that people will look at and forget.

AUCTION QUILT: This one will be our money maker. Reminder, this one doesn't have to be personalized at all, it can just be a plain old quilt pattern or design. Money received from the auction of this quilt will be given to an organization/group who is doing breast cancer research. We want to give it to a group who is doing more research than administrative hoopla. We are looking to an organization/group who is serious about finding a cure. The ones who spend much of their money on administrative costs is not the one for us. We want a cure, not fancy advertisements!


Diana will be making a new page for this one, she has a few extra squares from people who sent 4 squares.


Squares for any departed loved one will be put on the memory quilt -- but if the person had BC, a pink ribbon will be placed on the square. Memory quilts are quite collectable so this will be a good auction item. (P.S. [from Diana] In the antique business people were always asking me about the spelling of the "collect" word so this is how I tell them to remember which is which -- "Collectibles are collectable.") You are making a collectible. It's collectable.


Time is coming when Diana will make the quilt page public for advertising the auction and awareness for the DC presentation trip. So what info do you NOT want on there? What do you want on there? It will not be hooked up to the birthday page and no email address will be available except one for the quilt – she will use for that.


How many of you are making squares or planning to get at least one to Diana by May 31st? Email her and let her know. Her new headquarters are:


There has been much discussion as to the best date for our Washington D.C. trip. E-mails have been received from several and others have spoken in chat about this. The majority of ladies who plan to make the trip favor the Oct. 5 – Oct. 7 dates. This includes weekdays and a Saturday. Let us know your feelings on this date. We can’t wait until the day before the trip to make our reservations if we want to get good prices and WE DO WANT TO GET GOOD PRICES!!

COMMITTEES are growing but we can still use volunteers.

1.) Quilts -- Diana (calico) She will be putting those squares together soon so get them to her as soon as possible.

2.) Publicity -- Lala She has done a fantastic job of finding addresses and writing letters and e-mails. If you have any names and addresses for her, please let her know.

3.) Fundraising -- we need a leader

4.) Research --Candy (the breadlady) and Shirley (pugowned) have agreed to co-chair this committee. They have sent letters to several groups asking for information about how money is spent on research but have not heard back from any of them yet. Let them know of any research that is being done for Breast Cancer and the organization who is doing the research. We want to give our money to the one who will spend the money for research and not for office staff.

5.) Auction -- We need a leader

  1. Washington, D. C. -- Dianna Kay, Emma (cyberwitch) and Joan (Emerald)

    We have had no response from the White House so any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Washington lodging -- Elaine (button) is working on this one. Anyone else???
  3. Name tags -- Jodi (heidi)

Don’t be shy about volunteering, and remember the old rule in most clubs…If you don’t attend meetings or volunteer for something, someone else will do it for you. That doesn’t mean they will do something for you…it means they will volunteer you for something. Wouldn’t you prefer volulnteering yourself???


Diana (calico) but also still has address.

Dianna Kay

Doris (mkayla) or

Lala (lalacharly)

Candy (the breadlady)

Shirley (pugowned)

Emma (cyberwitch/sandcat)

Joan (emerald) or

Jodi (heidi)

One of our club ladies has done an outstanding art creation with the club logo for the quilt and I think she should get a little recognition for this. I have tried to create a lot of different things on my computer and have not been able to do half as well as she does. Cindy, thank you.

Heidi has indicated that she is working on a name badge for us to have to wear while in D. C. She is using her quilt pattern as a model. She will need to know if you are going to make the trip so she can plan to make enough for everyone.



I have not started my squares, but I will be working on them between the 20th and 30th of this month. I want to get them done before I start the sewing of the quilt tops. I would like one from everyone who is participating in the project. So that looks like I've got to make at least two or three dozen. Some of you have already sent an extra for me and some have asked for one and said they would like to exchange. Please send me yours any time or send with your other squares. It looks like several people are now sending 4 and 5 squares at a time (and the fun part is when they tell me to pick the one I want!) If any of you have an extra piece of transfer paper, could you include it with your squares? I want to experiment before I buy a big package of the stuff. Thanks!


I planned on putting a light color around the dark squares and a darker color around the light squares and then tying all together with one medium pinkish color. I plan on using both small floral prints and solids and I was thinking of pink floral, a solid pink and a solid some other color . . . light green probably, but maybe teal or gray/khaki. It will depend on the floral. If I can figure out a way, I'll put it on the web site, but right now that's beyond my capabilities. I can do solid color frames around each square, so I might try that at a later date.


I have a Priceline connection on my personal website at http://calicocanyon.homestead/market.html -- you can check around for the lowest price, then go to priceline and name your own (lower) price. They will do this for hotel rooms, airline tickets and rental cars.