April 7, 2000


Everyone in the club is hearing about our QUILT! If you enter the chat room someone will probably bring up the subject. The big questions are : Are you making a square for our QUILT? Can I have one of your squares when you get them made?

We are talking about how to, how big and when do I have to get my square turned in to Diana. Even those ladies who formerly said, "I don't think I can make a square because I am quilt impaired have started squares. This project has certainly helped to bring a feeling of oneness to many of us in the group and even those who did listen quietly in chat are now chiming in with ideas. So, JUMP IN, GET INVOLVED AND JOIN US IN THIS BIG, FUN PROJECT.

To me our QUILT can be compared to a beautiful rose. The tiny bud (the idea) appears and starts to grow (plans are made, ideas are exchanged). Suddenly the beautiful rose begins to unfold (squares are completed and posted at the quilt site). Happily, our beautiful rose (the QUILT) have very few thorns (delays in hearing from the president and people who need to volunteer for committees) and continues to grow. Our rose is only one of many (the second quilt to be auctioned and the ones we are making for ourselves) and soon our rose bush will be overflowing with beautiful roses. (Quilts in so many of our homes).

A word needs to be said to the gentlemen in our club. We need your help. Some of you could make a square if you would but we need your help in other ways also. Some of you are businessmen who have knowledge of publicity, research, fundraising, and travel. Won't you please help us out? Remember that the help you give to this project will possibly be the one thing that makes it succeed. Surely you would be willing to help us with this. Don't be shy.

We are trying to get an idea as to how many of us will be making the trip to D. C. It is still perhaps too soon for some of you to know definitely, but please could you send your name to Doris F (mkayla38) if you think there is any possibility that you will make the trip. This will be a tentative list so please don't think this commits you to having to go if you are not able to for any reason. We will be putting the names of those who are going at the site so you will be able to see. Some of the ladies are interested in finding someone who might be willing to share a hotel room and expenses. If you would like to be considered, send your name and e-mail to Doris so we can try to fit you in with someone.

Dianna Kay reports that she still has had no word from the president. She is pursuing another possibility and will keep us posted on her results.

People want to know how to make your square. Please send directions to Diana. so far only Lois has sent directions, and if you click on her quilt square or name, you will see step-by-step instructions. Also if you have any "craft tips" for this project, please send those along too.

There has been almost no response for the committees. Here they are again:

1.) Quilts -- Diana (calico)

2.) Publicity -- Lala

3.) Fundraising -- we need a leader

4.) Research --some of us are working on this but we need volunteers.

5. ) Auction -- We need a leader

6.) Washington, D. C. -- Dianna Kay

Please do remember that if you don't volunteer, a very few people are going to be doing all of the work. These people who are working already will probably have added responsibilities as October looms closer. So again, we ask you, please help us out. Experience is not a factor, besides, if you can run a household or perhaps a business, you can do this. You will get lots of support from the three D's...Diana, Dianna and Doris. Your participation will be much appreciated.

Remember that the quilt squares for the big quilt and the auction quilt as well as the message board for the quilts can be seen by going to: If you have not done so already, go and look and bookmark the spot. You will want to return again and again to see our rose (the QUILT) as it unfolds.


Squares need to be in Diana's hands by:

1.) Names squares May 31

2.) Auction Quilt # 1 June 30

3.) Auction Quilt # 2 ?? Celebrity squares, memorial quilt squares July 31



Dianna Kay