Newsletter # 2


Anyone who has been reading the club posts knows this already but, the QUILT project is up and running. Diana has done a fantastic job making web pages for our club. At this time, she has a display of 8 quilt squares and ready to add more as they arrive. The addition of the forum at the bottom of the page also gives us a much needed place to post messages that are pertinent only to the QUILT. If you haven't already gone to this site to see the squares, you should. If you haven't decided that you want to do a square, this site will inspire you. As Diana said in the first newsletter, "Jump in! Get involved." Once you get involved you will be as excited as the rest of us are about making the QUILT and getting to see so many of our "bosom buddies" when we make the big trip to Washington, D. C. in October.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. On Monday, March 20, the chat room was full of ladies as we began our "second" QUILT chat. The first one as you may remember was the one where the idea of the QUILT was conceived. During this chat, we discussed possible dates for our trip. Most everyone agreed that the beginning of October would be the best time to go (weather problems could keep some of the group from being able to attend later in the month). We all agreed that it would probably be best if we went on a weekday but included a Saturday. These date were mentioned most often: Thurs. Oct. 5- Sat. Oct. 7 and Thurs. Oct. 12 - Sat. Oct. 14. A response from the President would of course be the deciding factor on the final date.

2. We need to write letters to our Congressmen/women as well as to Oprah and Rosie to see if we can get some help in presenting the quilt. It would be wonderful if either of the two ladies (or both) would agree to be a part of our

project either by sponsoring the trip or just by filming and having mention of the project on their programs. Dawn (NBSongbird) is drafting a letter for all of to use as a model in writing to our Congressmen/women. She will post this as soon as it is ready. Please do write the letters...we need all of the help we can get.

3. Notes from Diana:

We need some volunteers to get going on some of the activities listed below. If you would like to work on a committee that already has a leader, please contact the leader. If you would like to be a committee leader, please contact either Diana or Dianna Kay. You are welcome to be on as many committees as you want! If you have a talent or resource that you think would be valuable to the group project, let us know. In the next newsletter, there will be a contact list for the committee leaders."

It is not really going to be that much work, just pitch in where you can. If we have group leaders, they can be the ones to contact if you have questions on a particular topic for the project.

4. Committees:

I. Quilts --Diana/calico

II. Publicity ------ need a leader (Lala and Candy got us off to such a

good start on this...would you ladies consider taking this as co-chairs?

III. Fundraising ----- need a leader

IV. Research ----- need a leader

V. Auction ----- need a leader

VI. Washington, DC -- Dianna Kay

Some committees may need to be combined - maybe publicity/fundraising and quilting/auction. Do we need any other committees?

5. There has been some discussion as to the final disposition of the big quilt.

a) as a traveling piece similar to the AIDS quilt, b) to the Smithsonian, c) a donation to a Breast Cancer museum.

6. If you are willing to help those who consider themselves "quilt impaired",

please let us know by posting a message or by sending an e-mail to one of the contacts listed below. If you happen to be someone who feels you need help you can also post or send an e-mail. We want everyone to be able to take part in this so don't be shy...we want to help.

***7. Contacts:

Diana calicocanyon@yahoo.com

Dianna Kay dianna_ kay @ yahoo.com

Doris mkayla38@yahoo.com



Diana has now created another web page for our use. From this page, you can go to several breast cancer club sites. Look here: http://www.fortunecity.com/cictorian/twain/1178/bcclub/html Bookmark it or list as a favorite...you will want to return again and again.