NOVEMBER 15, 2000


Wow, I started out doing a newsletter for a quilt and the related trip and now I am doing a newsletter for a cookbook too. This quilt news won't be very long but I did need to make sure that everyone knows that we will be drawing for the winner of the quilt on December 4, 2000. I will notify the person who sold the ticket first and if they wish will allow them to notify the winner. I am also hoping that the winner will agree to have a picture made for the local paper where they live so we can post it in our website and also possibly get some publicity in some of our newspapers.

IF you have sold or plan to sell any tickets for the quilt raffle, remember:

  1. Tickets are $2.00 (two dollars) each
  2. Name and address, phone number and e-mail address of buyer should be on the form.
  3. Checks should be made out to Komen Foundation.
  4. I must have the names in my hands by Dec. 3 in order for a ticket to be eligible to win. December 4th is on a Monday so I would suggest that tickets and money be posted by the 27th of November.
  5. When you have your tickets ready to mail to me, please make a list for yourself of all you have sold tickets to and send me an e-mail copy of it. (If I get your list via e-mail and have not received the money by the due date [sometimes mail does get delayed!!!] I will make sure that your names are put in the box for the drawing.
  6. My e-mail addresses are: mkayla38@yahoo.com or mkfandal@colla.com

I have asked a lady in Monroe who is a member of one of the Komen boards to do the honor of drawing the name of the winner. In case any of you are wondering, I have not put my name on any of the tickets so I will not be the winner of the quilt. I felt that some might be suspicious if by chance my name was drawn as the winner and I do not want anyone to feel that this was not an open/fair drawing. After all, we have several more quilts that we need to sell or raffle so we need to be certain there is not hint of deceit. Anyone who is willing to send me a duplicate square of the original quilt, please do. You can e-mail and get my address if you no longer have it.


This quilt project has been so exciting for me and the opportunity I had to meet some of you in Baltimore has been one of the highlights of my life. I can hardly wait until next year to meet more of you. AND speaking of the next year's trip, Fran has indicated that she will no be able to be a co-chair of the project . I got a note from her on November 2 and this is a portion of her message to me (the rest was personal) ." My heart is with raising awareness about breast cancer and coming toward it from that end." I completely understand that she is unable to do this and am so happy that she has let us know early on in the year about her decision. Thank you Fran…we will accept this decision but we do want to see you next year on the next trip.

We do have some ladies who have indicated they are willing to co-chair the plans for next year if I am willing to co-ordinate. The ladies on the committee for next year are: Candy, Cindy, Jeana, Jodi, Lala, Marianne, Shirley, and myself. Kelly indicated last night in chat that she is also interested so we will add her to the list. Okay, Kelly, you are committed now. Liz has also agreed to remain as our website person (http://www.angelfire.com/nc2/breastcancer/) and will be our weather watcher when it nears time for our trip. We have not started any real plans yet but Marianne is looking at possible sites for us. Here is a list of some of the places she has suggested: Bettendorf ,Dubuque, Ottumwa, Davenport and DesMoines (Iowa), Madison and Monroe and Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Decatur, Peoria and Chicago (Illinois) Please correct me if I have put any of the cities in the wrong state. With that many cities to choose from, we should be able to find a place that is agreeable to all of us. Our primary interest at this point is cost, safety, and a race that allows both men, women and children to participate together. We want to be able to walk/run with our husbands, fiances and children.

I will send out a notice to all of you about the winner of the quilt as soon as the name is drawn. In the meantime, sell more tickets and get the checks and tickets in the mail.


Liz has just announced to the club that she is expecting a new baby in early July of 2001. However she will continue to be an active participant in the cookbook production. She is chairing that committee. The following is a report from her on the progress. "We have 140 recipes, and still need about 20 more "names". Also, I am in desperate need of Dessert Recipes-- Can you believe it? I have lots of cakes and cookies, a couple of pies, but only 3 desserts. Also, sadly lacking in the veggie department. We have the following topics:

main dishes
bread,rolls,pies and pastries
If folks who wish to do so will begin submitting their stories, perhaps 2
paragraphs, I can get that started too. Plus, how about a cover for our book.
Want to have a "contest" on the website? People can email me their drawings
or graphics, and I will post them in the site, but we won't say who did what.
Then people can look and vote, by emailing me. What do you think?


Candy thebreadlady@yahoo.com

Cindy cloudb@twcny.rr.com

Jeana jdc@viclink.com

Jodi vonheidibrink@yahoo.com

Lala lalacharley@aol.com

Liz imanervouswreck@aol.com

Marianne moochie@essex1.com

Shirley wideglide@hartcom.net

Kelly palmk@surgerytoday.com

Doris mkayla38@yahoo.com

If anyone is interested in joining our committees, please send a note to one of the names listed above. Doris Fandal

A personal note:  Liz (squeaker) is one of our most active members. She joined because she lost her mom to b.c. so although she is a member of our club, she is not a survivor.  We do have a survivor in our club who had two beautiful babies after her diagnosis.  The baby that Liz is expecting will be (to my knowledge) the first baby born to a member of the club.  I wrote the information about her not being a survivor and that someone who is a survivor had the two babies to clarify for some of our newer members.  Wanted all to know that it is possible to have children after bc...our Maureen proved that.  Liz, congratulations to both you and Mark...I am happy for you because I know you wanted this baby!!!!!!  doris