October 18, 2000

 The trip was fantastic. I truly believe that there was not a dry tissue in Baltimore by the time we left the city. I am not going to begin to describe the trip to you because all of the ladies (almost all of them anyway), have posted messages telling about the trip. If you want to hear all the details, go to the message board and start reading. If you don't want to do that, tell me and I will forward the messages to you from my "special saved" diskettes.

The quilt was well received by everyone who saw it and we have started getting some responses from people who have purchased tickets for the raffle. I am a bit disappointed that more have not responded from Baltimore but perhaps more will send money for tickets before the drawing the first week in December. I plan to ask the lady in Monroe (Louisiana) who is on one of the Komen Boards if she will do the honors and draw a name from the box on the big day. We will have the drawing the first week in December as I said already, I am hoping to have it on December 4 or 5. I have commitments for the 1st - 3rd so can not do it then. Please, if you want to buy a ticket or if you can sell them to someone, do so. If a check is to be written, have it made out to Komen Foundation so that my bank won't look at me funny when I start cashing so many checks…don't want the IRS to wonder why I am receiving all that money also. Hey, who know? They might suspect me of selling something unlawful and I certainly wouldn't do that!  To find out more and to send the check, go to Calvin's site for the club at http://www.breastguide.com/ and check it out. Remember, we are trying to fight the dragon by raising both money for research and awareness in the need for breast self exam and yearly mammograms. In my opinion, one is never too young to start doing the bse. You learn about your body while doing it and when something is not right, you will know. This month of October happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Don't wait! If you have not had a mammogram, make an appointment now and come back to finish reading this newsletter.

A few things did happen during our trip that no one anticipated.  We failed to have a way of posting so everyone would know times and meeting places. Next year, we need to see if our hotel will allow us to put up an easel in the lobby with the day's information on it. JODI, don't lose that easel!! We also need to have some way of knowing how to tell everyone how to get to spots where we plan to meet. We had directions to the restaurant for that Saturday night but to an out-of-towner, they were a bit confusing and everyone did not get a copy. Next year's committee will have to work out those little problems. AND speaking of next year's committee, Fran has offered to be a co-chair. We need someone (at least one other person) who can work with her. I am willing but think that the position might better be passed along to new people each year. Otherwise, everyone might begin to think I was trying to take over. I must tell you that it is indeed a lot of work getting everything planned but the work is worth every minute of time spent doing it. I would not go back and change a thing. I loved it. Liz has also agreed to stay on as our web site person.

She has a great new idea for a project so she is chair of that. Anyone interested in helping to put together a club cookbook? I know we have a lot of good cooks in the club so ladies and gentlemen, volunteer. AND if you don't want to chair, send her recipes. My husband is a great cook so several of his best recipes will be going to her shortly. Let's see what the rest of the men and ladies can find that is special. Connie suggested that we have special designs for pages such as the ones we did for the quilt. Great idea! Anyone who has any others, let us know.


Doris Fandal mkayla38@yahoo.com (or if you want to sell tickets and send me the checks [made out to Komen Foundation], my address is 400 Caldwell Road West Monroe, LA 71291-1631)

Fran richandfran@mindspring.comLiz imanervouswreck@aol.com

A final and very happy note to this letter: We all know that breast cancer no longer is a death sentence. There is hope.  Beth and Bobby have shown their belief in this by getting engaged on the way to Baltimore. Congratulations to the happy couple. They are such a beautiful couple and we all wish them many, many years of wedded bliss.