SEPTEMBER 19, 2000

Hurrah!!!!! Plans are finalized, reservations at hotel and for dinner on Saturday the 7th of October, and flight reservations are complete. Those who are travelling by way of automobiles have had them checked and are ready for the road trip. WE ARE ON OUR WAY. Well, we will be on our way beginning Oct. 6 which is the day the first ones of us will arrive in Baltimore. I hope the city is ready for us because we are certainly ready for the city.

Hotel:  We will be staying in the Tremont Plaza Hotel on St. Paul street. If anyone should decide to visit or give us a call, the hotel phone number is:

I don't think anyone has to worry about calling us too late at night…we will probably chat (in person) all night or most of the night.

Dinner on Saturday, October 7 will be enjoyed by the entire group at The Golden Corral on Eastern Avenue. We plan to meet there at 7:30 for an evening of "getting to know one another". I wish all of you could be there to enjoy that with us. We know that you will be with in spirit even if you are not there in person. We will plan for next year.

Church .My husband and I plan to attend anticipated Mass at one of the local churches. (before the big dinner on Sat.) I don't know if any of the others plan to attend church while in Baltimore but when we travel, we always try to attend church....this time will be extra special since I will be meeting all of you for the first time and I would like to say special prayers for all of us. I also understand that the national basilica is in B. and that is a must see in my book.

Newspapers, radio, publicity…Jeana was interviewed by a reporter with the Oregonian. She has not posted a copy of the paper's article. Selma was interview for an article in the Miama Sun Sentinel. Here is what she posted about the article.

"With a pink ribbon over it all--this is what John wrote. (posted on 8/30/2000) ELECTRONIC SUPPORT  Until last year, Selma Quitman 78 of Margate, went to work every day in the office of an auto supply business. But the cancer she thought she had beaten after a 1993 mastectomy returned. And with it came chemography that forced her to retire. For her retirement, her daughter set her up with WEBTV, and the first thing Quitman did was join the Yahoo Breast Cancer Support Group, where she has found a community of support as she battles what she calls a dragon. The battle was eased about a month ago when the members of the group sent her a quilt. A woman in Louisiana made it with squares donated by other members of the group. The quilters also want to raise money for breast cancer research when they gather Oct 8 in Baltimore to display and sell their quilts. Quitman hopes to make the trip. "They are so compassionate and so caring," says Quitman. "A lot of people shy away from going to support group meetings, but this is at home. You don't have to see anybody face to face. It helps. It really helps." Find the support group site at clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/breast cancer, where you'll also find links to the quilter's page. " AND SELMA IS INDEED MAKING THE TRIP TO BALTIMORE…HURRAH FOR THAT GOOD NEWS.I was interviewed on our local Public Radio Station about our local Race for the Cure which took place on Sept. 9 and was able to get a few words in about our quilt and our trip.Lala was interviewed last week by a paper in Oklahoma but we have not heard from her yet about the article. It is due to be published in the paper on Sept. 24.

It looks as though all of our hoping and planning are finally coming to fruition. The ladies and their husbands, boyfriends, families are cheering them on and some are traveling to Baltimore and will do the race with us. Here is a list of those who are making the trip: Beth and fiance Bobby, our founder Calvin and his wife Tammy, Candy, Cindy and her husband John, Dawn, her son DJ, daughter Lexie and husband Ed, Doris and husband Carlos (aka Mickey), Fran and her husband Richard, Jeana and her niece, Jodi and her husband Mark, Kelly, Lala and her daughter Tammy and granddaughter Amy, Robin and her friend Linda, Selma and her daughter Michelle, Shirley and her husband Bill, Susan, and Virginia. All race forms and money for entrance fees were mailed to the Race office in Baltimore last week. Marianne will not be there in person but has paid for a race entry and will be there with her angels in spirit.

The ladies on the Race team in Baltimore have invited our club members to join them the day before the race at the race site in the survivor's tent at noon. We are looking forward to meeting all of them, but especially Brenda who has been so helpful to us when we needed help the most, ie, she found our hotel for us, sent us lists of places to eat, counseled us about places to visit and last but very importantly, has agreed to pick up our packets for us since we won't arrive until several days after team packets are given out. We owe her many thanks for all of her help.
A separate letter will be sent out to all of the travelers this week or next giving further details as to when we are to meet and locations. Some of us are meeting in the airport since our arrival times are almost the same, some of us are picking up the late arrivals. I will send give the desk clerk at the hotel a list of all of the group and instruct them that they can give out my name and room number to all who are listed. That should help us to find each other in the hotel and make further plans. Diana (web page designer for our quilt and seamstress for the quilt)…….. has had some disturbing news for us in the past week. A large mass was found in her chest and she is having a biopsy done this Friday, the 22nd. I know she would appreciate any prayers for her that this is not the dragon of bc rearing its ugly head again.

Cindy posted this beautiful song at the club and a lot of the ladies think it should be our club song. She is bringing the tape with the song to Baltimore so we can sing it the night we have dinner together (Sat.) and any other time we feel like singing. I don't know the name and can't find the post but will find out later. It does have beautiful words so if you hear loud singing sounds coming from the direction of Baltimore while we are there…it may be us.

Hope, everybody needs hope
Some kind of peace of mind
That they can call their own
And everybody needs love
Just a little trust
'Cause sometimes eatin', sleepin', breathin'
Just ain't enough

As long as the truth is on the table
As long as there's kindness down the line
Like the little babies in the cradle
We'll be fine

'Cause I believe
Somebody's out there watchin'
Somebody's out there watchin'
I believe
Somebody's out there watchin'
Somebody's out there watchin'
Over me

Dreams. Everybody needs dreams
All the joy and happiness
That the good life brings
Everybody needs freedom
Everybody needs touch
Somewhere to lay their heads
When it gets to be too much

Got enough time to last forever
Got enough faith to get us home
We're never gonna die and go to heaven
All alone

'Cause I believe
Somebody's out there watchin'
Somebody's out there watchin'
I believe
Somebody's out there watchin'
Somebody's out there watchin'
Over me

Hidden from us
In the sky above us
I can feel it all around
Hard to see it
But I do believe that
There are angels looking down

Yeah, I believe...
Somebody's out there watchin'...

Contacts: If anyone needs to contact me or any of the other committee members, please refer to the newsletters which are posted on the breast cancer web page at http://www.breastguide.com/ A list of contacts is given in each of those newsletters. And as always, you can post in the club and one of us will reply.


Hi ladies, its me Candy, I just wanted to add this to the bottom of the news letter.  Doris I know I speak for all the ladies in the club when I say THANK YOU for all of the work you have done to make this project come true. You are diffently a "DO-ER". Many people have the best intentions on doing and completing things , you are a person that not only has good intentions you carry out what you start. With out you I am sure this trip would not have been. So Doris THANK YOU THANKYOU...

A final note from me:  Candy, thank you for your kind words...I have not done anything that I have done for this project without a lot of help and encouragement from a lot of people and you have been my biggest supporter.  My family has also been very supportive of this project.  A special thank you to my husband who "is always there for me in any of my endeavors...good ones and even the ones that turn out to be not so good."  Thanks to all of you in the club who have also been supportive, without your support, we would not have this project.  Doris