August 11, 2000


Hello to everyone. This is a newsletter to let all of you know how the plans for our Baltimore trip are progressing. We have 30 people who have made reservations at the hotel. Flight reservations have been made by some of us, others are checking out the prices of gas and filling the tanks for the trip. My husband is beginning to think I don't do anything except trip plans and quilting. I am, of course doing both but do manage to get his meals each day at a reasonable time…even if they are a bit late on some nights. Thanks to him for not complaining too loudly.

We will be staying at the Tremont Plaza Hotel located at 222 St. Paul Place in Baltimore. We were able to get reservations for all of our group who planned the trip and were given a good price. We will have rooms that are really suites and the cost is $115.00 per night for single or double. Any extras in a room must pay $20.00 more per person. The Baltimore race group has also given each of us $25.00 to apply toward our room rentals. If you would like to check out the hotel, the link is:

We are really pleased with the things we have seen on the internet link and even if the hotel did not sound so nice, the fact that we are getting together for the first time would make it a dream hotel.

My husband and I have rented a mini-van and costs are going to be shared by several of the ladies. The last time I checked, we have one vacant seat so if anyone is interested, please let me know. Several of the others have also indicated that they are renting cars and some of the ones who are traveling in their cars have offered to help the group members get to their destinations.

We are planning to gather on the evening of October 7 at the Hotel. At this point, we are waiting to hear from the hotel as to whether or not they can accommodate our group. The lady in charge is going to send me a fax of possible menus (we may have a choice of two main entrees that night) and complete charges. She indicated that usually a meal with a group that size is approximately $20.00 to $30.00 per person plus tax and tips. I will be sending out further information on this to the "travelers" as soon as I get it.

The lady in charge of the race forms sent us an e-mail this week saying that she would be sending us the forms soon. Sometimes Candy and I think that soon for some people is not the same as soon for us. We are both so impatient for all plans to be finalized. If your form should come in the mail from them instead of from me…please put the name Yahoo Breast Cancer Support as the team name. In the spot for team captain's name, please put Doris Fandal and Candy Drew. Then if you would, mail the form and your check to me (check made out to Komen Race for the Cure or however else they indicate it should be done) so that I can fill in the team papers and send it on to Baltimore. We need to get these forms done as soon as they arrive, so please don't delay.

Jeana, the busy lady, has contacted a local paper and done an interview. They must have been impressed because the lady from the paper joined our group and asked for other ladies from Oregon to contact her. Good job as always, Jeana.

And speaking of Jeana….. Julie asked Cindy if we might be able to carry a banner at the race with pictures of all who can not make the trip. This was brought up in chat and everyone thought it was a great idea. Jeana very graciously volunteered to make the banner so if you would like to have your picture on it, please contact her for further information. Another good job, Jeana…thanks from all of us.

Jodi said she has name tags to bring and a display board to tell about our quilt project…this board will be displayed beside or in front of our quilt so everyone will know about it. Thanks, Jodi.

Lala, Candy, Jeana and I are making business cards to give out to anyone we meet who might be interested in our group. These cards will have the clubs' links and on mine…my e-mail address. I am not sure if the other ladies are putting their e-mail addresses or not. We are also making some others to be put with our quilt for any to take and will also contain the clubs' links.

Cindy is in the process of designing a logo for our husbands, children, boy friends or other special people who are our supporters to have for a t-shirt. Thanks Cindy.

Last but very important information, Diana is working to get the quilt finished so that we can "show off" our efforts to everyone at the race. I understand that it is a big race so we should get lots of publicity from this. Thank you Diana.

We wish that every one of you could make the trip with us. Since you can't, start making plans now to go with us next year because we want to make this an annual event. We will begin looking for the next year's location as soon as we return from Baltimore.

Diana is involved in site fights and looking for votes for her site so everyone use the following information to go vote for her. She has worked hard on our quilt project so let's show her that we appreciate it by doing this.

Visit Calico Canyon ~ This is War! (my fight against breast cancer site) -- http://go.to/calicocanyon/

Every week I will move around on this roster, but just look for me!

VOTING: *Vote for "Calico Canyon ~ This is War!" in D'Wild West at: http://www.thesitefights.com/team26/roster.html NEWSLETTER/VOTING REMINDER: To subscribe send a blank email to: CalicoCanyon-subscribe@egroups.com OR go to the egroups site and sign up:


Diana (calico) calicocanyon@uswest.net –Quilt committee…Co-chair, web page and seamstress

Doris (mkayla) mkfandal@colla.com or mkayla38@yahoo.com Newsletters and Quilt committee co-chair

Candy (thebreadlady) thebreadlady@yahoo.com and Shirley wideglide@hartcom.net co-chairs of Research committee (to find out who gets our money). I have also added a new committee and she is on that one also.

Doris and Candy: Trip committee co-chairs (Lodging, transportation, restaurants, you name it, we'll look for it.)

Elaine (button) button49@hotmail.com Lodging

Jeana jdc@viclink.com Lodging

Joan (bunnynose) bunnynose_1999@yahoo.com Lodging

Jodi (vonheidibrink) vonheidibrink@yahoo.com Name tags

Lala (lalacharly) Lalacharly@aol.com Publicity

Cindy cloudb@twcny.rr.com T-shirt logos

Selma zel77@webtv.net Cheering Committee …she tells everyone how great we are periodically

Here are some links to sites that you might want to look at and bookmark as favorites:

Calvin's (our founder) site http://www.breastguide.com/

Breast cancer club http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/breastcancer

Stage 4 club http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/stageivbreastcancer

quilt site http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/twain/1178/bcclub.html

quilt chat room http://www3.bravenet.com/forum/show.asp?usernum=1519776957

Komen site http://www.komen.org/

BIRTHDAYS FOR BC CLUB http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/River/7007/Birthdays.html