Newsletter 1 was done by Diana (calico canyon)


BCQUILT2000-Newsletter #1

BCQuilt2000 Newsletter #1 Here is the first "issue" of the BCQuilt2000 Newsletter. This will be the only one you get with all recipient names visible. This is so if you don't have some names, you can add them or if you have a name/addy not on the list I'd appreciate you sending it me or telling them to send to me. For those of you who are new, we are making quilts for BC research and awareness. Jump in! Get involved! You don't have to be an artist or a seamstress, if it's from you, it will be loved.

1. The Names Quilt -- all the squares with the club members and or/anyone they may want to honor, such as someone who passed away from bc. This one to display on the White House Lawn 2. The Auction Quilt(s) -- any squares -- don't have to be personalized. Could be just a design, or BC motif (pink ribbons, etc.) Could be more than one of these -- could be wall-hanging size all the way to Queen or King. We could auction several small quilts. I'm thinking for these, it would probably look neater if the squares were smaller -- like 6" or 4" -- what do you think of that idea. The BC quilts I saw online were just regular quilts but the money went to BC. Anyway the number of auction quilts will depend on the number of squares I get. 3. Personal Quilts -- collect squares from others to make your own quilt.

1. 12-inch squares, pre-shrunk cotton fabric 2. colors and designs are personal 3. cross stictch, applique, iron-on transfers, fabric pen drawings acceptable (for the quiltingly challenged!) 4. name, state, date of diagnosis, stage of cancer 5. mail to calicocanyon (snail mail address available by e-mail request only) 6. one quilt to be auctioned off for breast cancer research 7. one quilt to go around the country (which may require we do several squares apiece - excuse the pun - piecing squares into a quilt). 8. if anyone wants a quilt of their own, we can ask for squares from the folks on the board. 9. in the reference line for messages, we should use BCQuilt2000.

(1) the money goes to the group that is doing the most with most-- the money should go to the group that has the lowest administrative fees and the highest dollar amount going to research, clinical trials, aid and/or education.

HELP: 1) research the research foundations (using the criteria above) 2) find donors to underwrite shipping. We need to do this anyway if finished quilts are going to be displayed around the country. 3) quilters circle of volunteers to do actual final quilting -- by mailing around or by utilizing their own circle of friends to do a quilting bee one day, such as a church activity or local bc support group activity. SOON WE WILL NEED VOLUNTEERS or COMMITTEES TO: 1) coordinate the on-line auctions 2) arrange the D.C. adventure (Dianna Kay chair) 3) get publicity 4) finish the quilts 5) finalize the donation arrangements Any info for next newsletter, send to me. Diana

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