Newsletter 4 Volume 2

April 25, 2001

Hello everyone! This is going to be a very short newsletter because we don't have a lot to report.

Most of us who plan the trip to Des Moines for the Race for the Cure on October 13 of this year have turned in our names to Marianne and made reservations at the hotel. There is still time to let Marianne know if you are going and hopefully there are still rooms available in the hotel.

I will give the hotel information at the bottom of this note in case anyone wants to go. We are planning a wonderful time and I just bet some of you

want to join us. PLEASE DO!!!!!!

Virginia has been doing a fantastic job getting everything together for us. Aren't we so lucky that she lives in Des Moines? I tried to talk her into letting all of us have a giant slumber party and food at her house but she found a nice hotel instead. She asked me to mention food in this newsletter. She says there are quite a few nice restaurants in the area and she wants to find one that would suit all of us. SOOOOO, please take a minute and send either myself or Virginia a note telling us your favorite food, any food you absolutely won't eat or any food allergies you might have. Also if cost is a factor, please mention how much you are willing to pay for the big meal we will have together. You can bring a jar of peanut butter and jelly for the rest of your meals!!!

A bit of news about myself. I have been asked to chair the Team Committee for our local race and I have been busily begging people to form teams. I want to make them think I am a genius at forming teams! LOL

I have also been asked (and have accepted) a position of our local affiliate board of the Komen Foundation. I will be on the Education committee as a part of my board duties. I attended a training session with Komen in Dallas in February for PR/Communications and tomorrow I leave for Washington, DC to attend another training session on education. I hope I will learn a lot and will be able to come back and post a lot of good new information for you. If anyone is in an area where they hold a race each year, please do consider calling them and volunteering. It is so much fun and so rewarding at the same time.

Planning committee and contacts:









Doris (that's me)

Feel free to contact any of those listed if you have questions about our trip.

Doris Fandal

Hotel Fort Des Moines

Single room, 1 bed---$79 a night, suites Up to 3 beds. $99 a night.

Mention you are with the Yahoo Cancer Support Group

toll free: 1-800-532-1466
local: 515 / 243-1161
Fax: 515/243-4544