Newsletter # 1

Volume 2 for 2001

January 23, 2001

(Note:  I have started renumbering the newsletters for the year 2001..we had 17 last year.) 

The year 2000 was a good one for our club. We participated in our first ANNUAL Race for the Cure in Baltimore and plan the second ANNUAL Race later this year. We also raised a total of $2,089.00 on our first quilt and the money was sent off to Komen the second week in December, 2000. Jeana has already finished our next quilt and is working on another one so we will soon have a total of 3 finished quilts. HURRAH for that and hurrah for Jeana for agreeing to do 2 quilts for us. She is a tireless worker and I never cease being amazed at all that she accomplishes.

We also had some sadness in our group in December. We lost one of our more active members Theresa aka Spazzy T in early December. She is missed by all of those who knew her but we have such good memories to hold close of the good chats we had with her.

I would like to announce a bit of good news for myself. The local Komen Affiliate has asked me to be on their board so as of today I am officially a member of the local board. I just got back from signing the paper agreeing to sit on that board. And a second bit of news about myself that I am not too sure about yet (don't know if I am capable of performing this duty) is that I have just been appointed as Chairman of the Teams' portion of the Race for the Cure for our local race. I would appreciate it very much if all of you would keep me in your prayers and send angels to help me as I go about "doing my best" in my duties. This is, in my own way, the means that I am using to "fight the dragon" along with my participation in this club and its activities. Enough of me…I know you are all interested in this year's meeting.

I got a call today from the Race Chair in Des Moines, Iowa and have learned that their race is to be on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2001. She followed the phone call with an e-mail telling me that we can feel free to send her an e-mail if we need any further information or help.

The other race in October is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday, October 21. I have not heard from that group but have contacted Komen and asked them to put me in touch with the Race group there.

We have discussed several other places and dates during our weekly chats and have decided that although the race in Chicago would be wonderful, the costs of hotels, etc. would be prohibitive for many of our members who will be traveling on a low budget. We learned last year that cost needs to be considered in choosing a spot!!!

We also considered Peoria, Illinois on Saturday, May 12, Decatur, Illinois on Saturday , June 30, Ottumwa, Iowa on Saturday, May 12, and Madison Wisconsin on Saturday, June 2. We have not totally eliminated any of the last dates but some of our members would be unable to attend at that time. The Decatur race on the 30th of June seemed to be a possible but we have doubts about it since it is so near the 4th of July holiday.

In any case, our choices are and I have listed them in the order of the preferences given by members who have participated in chats about them:

Des Moines, Iowa Saturday, Oct. 13

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sunday, Oct. 21

Decatur, Illinois Saturday, June 30

Peoria, Illinois Saturday, May 12

Ottumwa, Iowa Saturday, May 12

Madison, Wisconsin Saturday, June 2.

It is now up to the club membership as to the date we choose. Anyone who is considering making the trip this year to meet the rest of the group, please send me an e-mail indicating your preference. And if you have any information you can share about any of those cities, please share that with me also so I can notify the group.

I am waiting for an update on the cookbook project from Liz aka squeaker. She had indicated to me that due to her pregnancy and problems with using the computer during this time, that she might turn the recipes over to me so that the group can get them finished. Jeana has volunteered to have the books printed and bound if we don't have anyone else who wants to do it for us. Any input on this project is certainly welcome.

One of our members Leslie aka ltlprincess is planning to participate in the Boston Avon 3 day crusade for Breast Cancer. If anyone wants to sponsor her for this, please let me know so I can send you her address. Any checks would not be made out to her but to the Avon Crusade. I think that is an important thing to note…we do not want to ask for money for ourselves but checks made out to a cause that is fighting the dragon.

This is the beginning of the new millennium for the world and this club. Let's all work together and fight the dragon in any and every way we can.

Contacts for the SECOND ANNUAL MEETING AND RACE FOR THE CURE for the club are:

Contacts for next year's trip, quilt sale and cookbook project:












Feel free to contact any of those listed if you have questions about our trip.

Doris Fandal